Why you should choose

Talent Tricks

Well, we’re awesome—but there’s more to us than that.

Creating content is our bread and butter. We’ve been working in Marketing Field for over than seven years covering a wide variety of niches, from night life and fitness to parenting and many others, we were based at Sharm El Sheikh and now we have moved to DUBAI under the name of Talent Tricks.

Our team consists of experienced Entertainers, Artists, professional Dj’s, professional content writers and editors and an in-house design team who all know how to produce outstanding quality work each and every single time.

we have an established work process to ensure that each and every project is given the attention and due diligence it deserves.

We Care

You’ll Notice The Difference

When we work on your project, we do it with the same care and attention to detail as we would with one in our own portfolio. We go the extra mile to ensure our clients are beyond satisfied, because we won’t accept less.


Pricing Is Super Simple

Flat Rates For All Our Services

We’re not going to ask you to get a quote or negotiate on your budget. As an agency, we’ve worked out our costs and offer a flat fee for each service. It’s as simple as that.

We Do It All

No Random Freelancers Here

We have our own team that cover all areas of our services. Each member of staff has been vetted and trained by our management. We’re not outsourcing to strangers on Fiverr or any other third party.

We know all of our staff and have many internal systems to ensure we maintain an in-house environment – even when a pandemic doesn’t allow. 

No virus is going to stop our “Snack Sunday’s” or “Winning Wednesday’s”. This should ease your mind knowing all our staff are long-term employees held accountable by management.